Tell A Vision

Exercise videos have been popular for decades now (Thanks, Jane Fonda!).  What’s new, however, is that more and more titles are now available online – and at no cost.FITtv2

PIlates videos, in particular, are a great way to supplement your workout when you can’t make it to the studio.  The link below offers a useful overview of the top 10 FREE Pilates videos, as reviewed by the folks at Expertrain.  This list includes a “Pilates Full 30 Minute Class,”  “POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout,” and a “Pilates Butt Burner Full 30-Minute Workout.”  Other titles reviewed include 10 minute sculpting exercises, cardio routines, core floor workouts, and a beach-body pilates video.

For detailed descriptions and links to each video: