RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: Pilates & Running

Whether you are a serious marathoner or simply a “run-for-fun” type, Pilates provides the optimal runner’s workout. Health and fitness experts agree that Pilates exercises are ideal, both as a preparation for all forms of running, and also as a way to repair any damage that running might cause.


Marathon runner Aline Raywood “recalls the time when she was having a groin pull almost every 2 months, which started to interfere with her training. She was also plateauing in her training as she was feeling that she was lacking oxygen for sustained high level of endurance.”  The answer for Raywood:  Pilates.

For more about the benefits of Pilates for runners, check out these articles.  Then, mark your calendar with one or more of the upcoming, local running events listed below.

Awesome 80s Run SF (Date/Place: 11/23/14/San Francisco).

run2Highlights: All finishers receive a “Totally Awesome ’80s Finishers Medal, Circa 1980s Style T-shirt, and Free Race Photo Downloads at this Rad 5k Run / Walk. Join the Team Challenge and Costume Contest for Gnarly Prizes and Way Cool Entertainment at Crissy Field – Presidio of San Francisco.”  Discount Code: NEON.  Website:

Mustache Dache 5k (Date/Place: 11/16/2014/San Francisco).

Highlights: All participants receive “the very truly official 2014 Mustache Dache t-shirt.” Website:

North Face Endurance Challenge (Date/Place: 12/06/2014/San Francisco).

Highlights: Marathon relay & “kids run.” Website:

Santa Skivvies Run (Date/Place: 12/06/2014/San Francisco).run5

Highlights: The Santa Skivvies Run is “a festive romp through San Francisco benefiting San Francisco AIDS Foundation. The route begins at UN Plaza and follows Market Street to the Castro. In just four short years, Santa Skivvies Run has become one of the city’s most beloved holiday events.”  Website:

Holiday Hustle (Date/Place: 12/07/2014/Morgan Hill).

Highlights: Runners that register before November 24th. will receive a tech tee. All runners “will be able to enjoy a post race beer as well as the food you come to expect from a trail race. There will be finishers medals given for all distances.” Website:

Coyote Hills Half Marathon & 10k/5k (Date/Place: 01/24/2015/Fremont).

Highlights: “Half the fun will be experiencing all the different kinds of trails, including dirt, paved and even wood bridges.  Hikers/walkers are always welcome!” Website:

Bay Breeze Half Marathon 10k & 5k (Date/Place: 02/14/15/San Leandro).

Highlights: All runners will receive “custom finisher medals and custom shirts.” Website:

Tips to keep stuffing off your stomach & ham off your hock

The holidays are upon us and so too is the urge for caloric splurge. Here are some tips to help you finish the holidays season trimmer than when you started.

Stock your fridge at home with lots of pre-cut veggies and fill up a bowl of fruit making it easier to make smart snack choices in your home.

Do NOT go to holiday parties hungry. In fact, eat a mini meal consisting of mostly protein before going. This will curb the temptation to reach for high fat high calorie choices you will be bombarded with at the party.

Drink lots of water. Good hydration is essential to good health. Also, those who drink plenty of water tend to FEEL full faster preventing the urge for to go for that second or third serving..

Ever joked about about wearing stretchy, elastic-waisted pants to holiday feasts? In fact, those who wear tailored clothing with fitted waistbands and even belts tend to be less likely to overindulge at the buffet or dinner table and to remain trimmer during the holiday season.

Be the first to jump up and help the host and hostess with serving and clean up. This will serve not only as a great diversion from the dessert table, it will most likely get you invited back next year!

If you want to indulge in alcohol, make sure you have a glass of water between each drink. Stick to drinks such as white wine spritzer, or vodka seltzer, rather than sugary cocktails or beer which are calorie cows. This is also a great way to minimize your chance of getting a DUI.

Finally, if the music starts pumpin’…get up and dance! Nothing burns off the calories like a few hours of dancing and partying like it’s 1999!

All of us at Fit First Pilates wish you and yours the happiest and healthiest holiday season!

Happy New Year…Now get to work!!!!

Yes…it’s that time again when we all stand in front of our mirrors and groan about eating and drinking too much. Did the holidays go right to your hips? Give the gift that keeps on giving, a gift certificate to the best workouts ever. Let us melt away those muffins and prepare you for that spring fling.

This is also the time of year when many of you go off to hit the slopes (after not even putting on a ski boot in a year) and come back limping and crying. Not our clients. Many of you have returned after going through a series of Mogul Madness classes reveling that you hit the ski slopes like you never stopped skiing. We’ll give you Black Diamond Quads in no time.

Here are a few pre-ski pointers:

Start doing Ball Squats now to build up the quads. Backward lunges are also great.

Wall Sits are also good to strengthen quads and easy to execute. Just lean back into the wall like you are sitting in a chair and stay there as long as you can. Build up the amount of time you can sit.

Seated Leg Lifts. Sit with your back against the wall and lift your straight leg and hold for as long as you can. These are really hard so don’t be discouraged (wimp) if you can only lift for a second.

Seated ABC’s. In a chair sitting straight up (no leaning back cheaters), put your leg straight out in front and write the block ABC’s with your leg (not your foot…again with the cheating). Try and get all the way through the alphabet.

Lastly, remember it is important to stretch. Not 2 minutes before you are ready to ski your first run. Start with an aggressive stretching program now and it will really pay off! If you need help with any of this…you know where to find us!!!

Have a Happy & Vibrantly Healthy New Year from all of us at Fit First Pilates!