Gluten Free Pilates


Don’t let the holidays settle into your hips. In fact…don’t settle at all! Make 2014 the year to get your fitness freak on and join Fit First Pilates Marin for some kick butt, inspirational, Gluten free Pilates. Melt the muffin, hurdle the curdle, and take back your abs.

Pilates is a safe and effective workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. Here’s a myth buster: You don’t have to be in shape to take Pilates. It’s amazing how many people think you already have to be in good shape to start Pilates. That’s like washing and ironing your clothes before you take them to the dry cleaner.

There is no better workout to prevent or cure back pain which is why Pilates has stayed so popular. No gimmicks, no tricks and no smelly gym. Just a challenging, personalized, awesome workout that will make you feel 20 again.

Ski? Pilates will have you dancing the double diamonds and make you feel like you never left the slopes.

So join us won’t you? You owe it to your butt!